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Are you a Christian woman in leadership who struggles with self-esteem? Who often devalues her gifting and doubts her creative ability?

Are You Feeling Isolated and Unsupported As You Strive to Birth Your own Dreams and Launch Your Vision?

You’re talented, gifted in so many areas in the church, BUT you allow negative thoughts and negative self-perception paralyze you from moving forward.

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You want to succeed, but have limiting beliefs.

Everyone can see you are anointed BUT your lack of

confidence tells you that it isn’t good enough.

You struggle and you won’t take a risk, because of the

nagging fear of failure…so you have decided to stay

in your zone of safety, staying away from the crowd,

watching others do what you

know you are called to do.

You’re a woman in leadership who has

lost her identity. Feelings of overwhelm and

burn-out have zapped your strength.

Seasons of ministry may have forced you to confront the debilitating force of disappointment. You’ve had heartbreaking losses that have made you question whether you want to go forward.

The changes that you have had to face have stalled your momentum.


Melodie is a Certified Coach Who is PASSIONATE about helping female Christian Leaders find healing, restoration and forgiveness!

Melodie loves helping women in Christian leadership who want to confront their limited beliefs, and who are bogged down by the weight of ministry.

You can gain momentum to begin again as you embrace our 5-Step Growth Strategy!

Overall, our coaching services are designed to empower

clients through productivity, creativity, and accountability.

Melodie believes in helping her clients navigate disappointment,

change, and loss in ministry, while also highlighting the many opportunities

that exist through their own creativity.

With the help and support of Liberty Coaching, you can be an empowered

leader who unlocks your creativity, achieve your personal goals,

and flourish in God's purpose.

You will do this through building your confidence, self-respect,

self-love and a vibrant vision strategy.

Get the tools to help you develop new ideas that align with

your vision and release your gifting and potential.

Melodie will help you confidently navigate the challenges of

disappointment and unexpected change in ministry

which has made ministry difficult in many areas.

But you CAN'T give up!

You will become more productive, more creative, and accountable

in your leadership and personal development.

With Melodie’s passion, coaching expertise and her commitment

to her Six Promises to Coaching Success,

she can help you achieve your goals and become the

confident and capable leader you were meant to be.

You Don't Have to Stay Stuck in the

Mire of Disappointment and Frustration!

You Can Become the Confident and Capable Leader

You Were Meant to Be!

Testimonials about Liberty Coaching

Join Others Who Have Experienced the Support and Accountability of Working with Coach Melodie!

She is an anointed visionary and has even helped me as a business accountability partner, and in defining certain aspects of my business. I believe her accessibility, expertise in her craft, and especially her anointing make her the perfect strategist and coach for you; in the area of church leadership, self confidence, book writing and vision casting.

Nicole LaShea, MSN and CEO

Well Balance Life

Melodie Boone in my book is the best Coach ever! She has the unique ability to help you find, and recognize your passion, concerns and the need to overcome any obstacles in life. Her Christian based coaching has allowed me the opportunity to grow spiritually and mentally in order to move forward in life with a God given purpose!

Camille Stephens, CEO

Locked Out Love, LLC and Life Forces

We Have An Array of Products

and Services That Will Support

You On Your Journey to Success.

Coaching - 1:1 Coaching will help you confront hindrances that is trying to prohibit your growth and momentum. Releasing your creativity, confronting blockages and inner struggles that are blocking your personal growth, will help you SOAR towards purpose.

6 Months or 12 Month packages are available.

VIP Services – Choose either Full Day or Half Day, (virtual or in person) where you focus on one main goal for the day. Whether focusing on writing, program development, strategic planning, or personal or ministry development, a VIP Day will help you get the immediate support

you need to meet any goal for the day.

Half Day (3 ½ hours) and Full Day (6 hours)

VIP Services are available.

Mentoring - Through our Six-Month Mentoring Program, get the tools you need to empower you for spiritual and personal development. You will gain the strategies so you can build your vision and reach your personal goals. You will be challenged and supported through the mentor/mentee relationship. Get equipped to build your confidence, while building a transparent and authentic mentoring relationship that will help you grow and reach your personal goals.

6 Month Mentoring Package is available.

With Liberty Coaching and all the transformative products designed to

support you, go from a place of weariness and self-doubt

to a place of renewal, restored faith, and a rekindled excitement.

With a renewed determination for your calling in ministry and your quest for a

fulfilled life, you will be ready to tackle any challenge and lead effectively.

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